• Caraa, Mashable and R/GA are named Most Innovative at the 2017 Digiday Awards

      Luxury fitness brand Caraa, media company Mashable and digital agency R/GA were honored for their innovations in media and marketing tonight at the Digiday Awards gala. The Digiday Awards, Digiday’s biggest awards program of the year, honor the best creative marketing and advertising being done today by brands, agencies, publishers and platforms.

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    • Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say

      Facebook’s metrics woes may be far from over. After fessing up to a string of measurement errors over the past six months, the social media company has bowed to pressure from ad buyers and started letting third-party auditors check its numbers. Some agencies started using the new auditing capabilities a few months ago and have been stunned to see viewability rates on Facebook ...

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  • The state of people-based measurement

    5 charts that show how people-based measurement can help your customers and company In today’s omnichannel world, consumers are targeted through an ever-growing number of platforms and channels with an ever-growing number of messages. But do marketers really know just who these consumers are? Do they understand their journey? Or are they only seeing them as a mass of statisti ...

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  • News-feed change raises questions for the future of Facebook Watch

    With algorithmic changes underway for Facebook’s news feed, which will devalue most media content in favor of posts shared by users, the future of Facebook Watch will be tied to how well Facebook and video makers can get people to click over to the Watch section to view shows. Right now, the vast majority of Watch viewing happens inside the news feed, according to four media c ...

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  • IAC saved $10 million by moving its data to the cloud

    Cloud storage isn’t sexy, but it’s often cost-efficient. In September, IAC — the parent company of publishers including Dotdash, Investopedia and The Daily Beast — finished a 12-month project of moving the data storage and back-end tech infrastructure of its 50 digital media sites to the cloud. No longer having to maintain 400 servers across eight different physical locations ...

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  • WWE is going broad with its video strategy

    WWE has a legacy TV business and a growing subscription streaming app — and it’s a giant on YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms. But as the company plans to do more scripted and unscripted programming for TV, streaming video and social platforms, it’s putting many its video teams in one place to do so. For instance, WWE premiered a new live show on Facebook Watch on Jan.

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  • MoviePass is using location data for a new ad play

    In a couple months, MoviePass, the popular movie-theater subscription service, will open up its platform for advertising. According to Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass, the app will work directly with brands and through iHeartMedia to sell ad formats, including in-app ad banners, email campaigns and in-app pop-ups driven by customer location.

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  • Digiday Research: Are publishers making money from Facebook video?

    At the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit last November, we sat down with 76 industry leaders from major U.S. media companies to discuss the future of video monetization on Facebook. Check out our research on the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation here. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

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  • The Rundown: Publishing in a post-Facebook world

    In this week’s Rundown, publishers of all stripes are coming to grips with Facebook’s major news feed changes. But in typical Facebook fashion, it’s left publishers with more questions than answers, and publishers are wondering how they’ll plug the Facebook gap. More to come from Digiday+ Our new Dig ...

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  • How Kiehl’s is using text messages and AI to keep customers loyal

    Kiehl’s is using artificial intelligence and text messaging in its fight against Amazon. The cosmetics brand, which does the majority of its business through its own Kiehl’s-branded stores and on Kiehls.com, is now using text messaging as a way to keep customers coming back. Working with a company called OrderGroove, the company is defending its market share by creating text- ...

    Shareen Pathak/ Digidayin How To's- 14 readers -
  • Gatorade is kicking off a livestreaming video series on Twitter

    Twitter is making a big push into livestreaming video, but most of these efforts have been with media companies like Bloomberg Media and BuzzFeed. This week, however, it’ll kick off a live series by Gatorade, centered on high school basketball recruits. The show, called “#TheDebut,” will start Jan.

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